we recommend 1 1/2 TBS of coffee per 6 oz. of water


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2. SHIPPING POLICY: FREE shipping on all orders.  

3. RETURNS/YOUR ERROR? Please choose whole bean or ground correctly.  We do not accept returns or make exchanges for your error in choosing whole bean or ground incorrectly.  We have changed the set up of our website to avoid any mishaps.

4. RETURNS/OUR ERROR? If WE make a mistake with your order we will fix our mistake promptly. Please contact us by email: lucyjoscoffee@gmail.com 

We strive to do everything right here at Lucy Jo's Coffee. However, we are human and do may the occasional mistake. We are a small family business and we all wear more than one hat. We like to remind you that you get more with sugar than salt.  Please do not yell at us in ALL CAPS.  It really puts a damper on our day.  We definitely did not intend to upset you with our error and will strive to fix it asap.

 5. CHANGES IN SHIPPING/PRICES?  We offer free shipping on all bags of coffee.  We also have changed the prices of our coffees so that we can offer free shipping at any price point.  We want our customers to still save $ on their orders, if they choose, so we offer multiple item discounts and a monthly subscription option. We encourage you to shop more than one item at a time to lessen the load on the delivery systems, help us with increased shipping costs and help yourself save with our multi-bag discount offers.  

We have increased our prices slightly to account for increased shipping costs both into our roastery and back out.  We offer multi-item discounts to offset those price increases. We believe in paying our employees a fair wage. Thanks for supportingour family business.


 6. What makes a coffee low acid?   

    • The acidity of the coffee is determined by the soil and elevation where it is grown. Generally speaking , the higher grown the coffee the more acidic the flavor.  An acidic flavor might be described as citrusy and a low acidic flavor might be describe as more earthy.  We do not do any additional processing to  lower the acidity. We only roast naturally low acid coffees for our low acid coffee selections.   

7. What is the pH of your Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend?

  • The pH of our Mellow Belly is approximately 5.6.  A typical cup of coffee has a pH of 4.5 to 5.    Please keep in mind that the pH of your water affects the pH of the coffee. Also, keep in mind pH only tests one aspect of the flavor.    A coffee can have a very smooth feel and not be low acid. 

 8. What is the pH of your other Low Acid Coffees?



Mellow Belly


Low Acid French Roast






Decaf MB





9. Is low acid coffee also low caffeine?

    • No, the caffeine content is the same as any other regular coffee and not affected by the acidity.

    • We do not test the caffeine level of our coffees
    • Our decaf coffee is below the level allowed  by the FDA for decaffeinated water processed coffee. Water processed decaf, as opposed to chemically processed decaf, will have trace amounts of caffeine.

10. How many calories are in a cup of coffee?

    • According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture an 8oz. cup of black coffee has 2 calories.
      A survey of other sources reveal some slight variation. Typically, figures range from 2 to 12 calories per cup. 

11.  Are there any other ingredients other than coffee beans in the

coffee?  Is the coffee gluten free?  

    •  we use only Certified Organic Arabica coffee beans.

    • Coffee is naturally gluten free.  We do not add any gluten to the process or packaging.

12. Is the decaf coffee water processed?

    • Yes, depending on the decaf it is either Mexican Water Processed or Swiss Water Processed.  No chemicals are used in the  decaffeination process.


 13. AMAZON SUBSCRIBE and SAVE: all subscription changes must be done on your own personal Amazon account.  We can not make those changes for you.  But here are some instructions on how to end a subscription. If you want to end a subscription:

a. Go to your AMAZON HOME PAGE

b. Click on the three horizontal bars icon

c. Click on ACCOUNT

d. under ORDERS heading: click on SUBSCRIBE and SAVE


f. Find product. Tap image and then click CANCEL in options

g. If you are doing this on a phone you may need to scroll down to bottom of page to find cancel button

14. DO WE TEST FOR MOLD? quick answer, no.

explanation: We understand there is a concern about mold (mycotoxins) in coffee.The coffee we purchase meets all FDA and USDA Organicregulations.   The FDA will not allow the importation of coffee that is above FDA safety guidelines for mycotoxins.   Our coffee is high grade and Certified Organic and must meet these requirements, as well.
In addition, the high temperatures and air circulation of the roasting process adds an additional level of safety.   Finally, we bag
our coffee in sealed one-way valve bags to allow for the coffee to continue to off-gas but not to allow outside air into the bag.