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Lucy Jo's Coffee Roastery

Lucy Jo's Coffee Roastery is a family-run Certified Organic coffee roastery in rural Upstate New York. We specialize in roasting high quality organic coffees. We source the best quality 100% arabica organic green coffee to meet the health concerns of our customers searching for organic vs conventionally grown coffee. Our hands-on approach to small batch coffee roasting allows us to deliver the freshest roasted coffee possible with optimum flavor. We have a strong local following and have gained a national following with our low acid coffees available on Amazon. Shop our website for a larger selection of coffee, different size options and bulk discounts. Thank you for drinking Lucy Jo's Coffee!


Lucy Jo's Coffee Roastery has recently installed a solar array large enough to power all our electrical needs. We are super excited! Basically, it means all the energy we use in the roastery except the roaster and some heating are now powered by the sun. For example, our packaging machines, heat sealers, coffee grinders, lights, computers, air conditioning, some heating, other electrical equipment we use, and our electric car are now sun-powered. Have a sunny day!


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